Hackmeet 3.0

O Hackmeet é um encontro aberto para hackers e ativistas discutirem privacidade, seguração e como os movimentos radicais influenciam e são influenciados pela tecnologia. Acontecerá do dia 19 ao dia 21 de outubro de 2012., em São Francisco, Califórnia, nos Estados Unidos.


Hackmeet 3.0

October 19-21, 2012
at Noisebridge in San Francisco, CA

Hackmeet is an (un)conference that brings together hackers and activists to discuss privacy, security, and how radical movements influence and are influenced by technology. As an entirely free and open event, we invite any and all radical activists and hackers to present their work or give skillshare workshops.

Workshop and skillshare topics will include: privacy ∙ radical media ∙ tools for activists ∙ know your digital rights ∙ security culture ∙ social networking for radicals ∙ open hardware ∙ cellphone security ∙ p2p/anonymous networks ∙ pirate radio ∙ gender, race and technology ∙ technology and resistance ∙ and much, much more . . .

Planning for the next large hackmeet conference has just begun. Check back for more info in the coming weeks.

Recent and past hackmeets

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